A “shared language” for horticulture and finance sectors

We are a group of experts in horticulture, energy, finance, and IT sectors aiming to create a shared language between main stakeholders in the horticulture sector.  

Our aim is to provide comprehensive techno-financial analysis, optimize the technical aspects of businesses, increase profits, enhance business sustainability, and reduce the risk of failure.  We also aim to sharply reduce the consultancy costs, to make them available for all.

In short, we aim to secure business success by providing reliable and affordable analyses. The analyses which are acceptable and comprehensible by all parties involved, including the growers, banks, investment groups and greenhouse suppliers. 

Our next step: 

Soon we will launch our other techno-financial models for other sectors. As our techno-financial model is a general model, it can be used to produce analyses for other business sectors. For instance, if an entrepreneur is considering manufacturing a product, the model can be used to provide  a detailed analysis.  

  • A “shared language” for horticulture and finance sectors
  • Delft, Netherlands